You might already know from my personal site – but I love Computer Science and everything there is to do with software and systems development.

My previous websites would have thousands of words on the homepage to try and get my point(s) across, and it was never concise or uniform, just one big mess of thrown together HTML.

This is a nice and neat little blog, running a simple installation of a WP theme which allows me to rapidly make, edit and publish pages and posts.

So what’s the deal? Why am I here?

Having a blog will not only allow me to create a personal log of any and all achievements/revelations I make, but it’ll also be the place I put my ideas and thoughts. A platform to ramble :).

Headings and Categories

If you’re here professionally – trying to understand my character, you can find a list of all my posts tagged “Professional” here: https://elliotpotts.net/blog/category/professional/ – these posts will detail anything about me I wish to showcase.

If you’re here to take a look around, that’s great! Ignore the categories!

Have a great day and thanks for visiting,