Elliot Potts

I'm a programmer and Computer Science enthusiast currently studying at Key Stage 5.

Hi, my name's Elliot. I'm a 17 year old Computer Science enthusiast. I got my first laptop when I was 6 years old, a second-hand Sony Vaio running Windows Vista with just over a Gigabyte of memory. Before this, I had been using Windows XP on our house computer. At that age - I didn't care about specs, and the operating system did its job. I've had a long journey to computer fluency, but I've thrived through the years - and I'm not stopping.

This website will tell you a little more about myself.

General Info


  • Computer Science

    GCSE option at KS4

    AQA (8520)

    Computer Science at GCSE level was great. I enjoyed every element of it. From learning how to plan/design computer software with computational thinking and algorithmic processes, to learning about the hardware and software the subject entails - every aspect was enjoyed.

    I joined the subject with years of computing under my belt, and already knowing the basics of the Python 2 standard library. When I left the subject, two years later - my passion for the subject didn't die. I hope to one day achieve a degree in the subject.

    Key skills/learnings: Data representation, Computer Networking, Cyber Security Principles, Algorithm Principles, Programming, (Ethical, Legal and Social) impacts/problems, Software Development aspects, Basic Computer Science Theory (Software/Hardware/IO), much more...

  • Media Gaming

    GCSE/BTEC (Level 2), A-Level/BTEC (Level 3) option at KS4 and KS5

    Creative Media Digital Production

    KS4 - When I did Media in Key Stage 4, there was a lot more theory than there is now. However, Media has its misconceptions, and it isn't all just the study of camera/film theory. The subject was heavily practical and reliant on computer fluency and heavy software use.

    In KS4, we learned how to use Photoshop, GameMaker and Publisher. We planned, designed, and created a video game, all the while learning about the theory of the sector. In this subject I learned Photoshop skills and knowledge of the GameMaker Programming Language (GML).

    KS5 - A-Level/Level 3 Media Gaming, whilst following the same sector, is a whole-new kettle of fish, and is much harder than KS4. Software becomes more advanced, and the software we previously learned to use is looked at with an entirely new eye.

    Key skills/learnings: GameMaker, Photoshop, MS Publisher, Camera Techniques, Media Theory, Game Development Theory, UDK Development, Texturing/Material Design Techniques, 3D Modeling in 3dsMAX, much more...

  • Information Technology

    A-Level/BTEC (Level 3) option at KS5

    BTEC Level 3 National Certificate in Information Technology

    I picked Information Technology as my school didn't offer Computer Science at Level 3, however - IT was the next best thing. I have learned many things in this subject, from Business Social Media management to database development/administration.

    Key skills/learnings: Business Social Media management, Access 2016, Database theory/development

Other Qualifications
and Experiences

  • MOS 77-730

    Microsoft Office Specialist - Access 2016

    MOS 77-730: Microsoft Office Access 2016: Core Database Management, Manipulation, and Query Skills

    On 03/29/2019 I achieved MOS 77-730, proving I'm capable of operating Microsoft Access 2016. To achieve this qualification, you need to be confident with building and administrating databases. From building tables to calculated queries.

    Score Report
    - Create and Modify Databases: 86%
    - Build Tables: 88%
    - Create Queries: 57%
    - Create Forms: 40%
    - Create Reports: 50%
    Final Score: 793/1000 (Required: 700)

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  • MOS 77-725

    Microsoft Office Specialist - Word 2016

    MOS 77-725: Microsoft Office Word 2016: Core Document Creation, Collaboration and Communication

    On 03/29/2019 I achieved MOS 77-725, proving I'm capable of operating Microsoft Word 2016. To achieve this qualification, you need to be able to confidently create Word documents using advanced functions of Word. This wasn't as easy as it sounds, and ventured deep into the roots of Word 2016.

    Score Report
    - Create and Manage Documents: 80%
    - Format Text, Paragraphs and Sections: 78%
    - Create Tables and Lists: 86%
    - Create and Manage References: 100%
    - Insert and Format Graphic Elements: 100%
    Final Score: 906/1000 (Required: 700)

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  • MOS 77-729

    Microsoft Office Specialist - PowerPoint 2016

    MOS 77-729: Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016: Core Presentation Design and Delivery Skills

    On 03/29/2019 I achieved MOS 77-729, proving I'm capable of operating Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. To achieve this qualification, you need to be able to confidently create PowerPoint Presentations using advanced functions of PowerPoint. This wasn't as easy as it sounds, and ventured deep into the roots of PowerPoint 2016.

    Score Report
    - Create and Manage Presentations: 92%
    - Insert and Format Text, Shapes and Images: 88%
    - Insert Tables, Charts, SmartArt and Media: 71%
    - Apply Transitions and Animations: 100%
    - Manage Multiple Presentations: 67%
    Final Score: 893/1000 (Required: 700)

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Other Key Skills